Practice Update – COVID-19

Uppingham Surgery – COVID-19 Update

It is as been a month since we provided a practice update and thought it would be useful to inform you about what we have been doing since the country was placed in lockdown. Firstly we would like to say ‘Thank you’ for adhering to the array of information that has been given to you during this time. We appreciate there have been many changes in a very short period of time.

Prescription Collections

Prescriptions can be collected between 10am and 4pm, Monday to Friday.  Patients are to continue to collect their prescription externally via the back of the premises. We are completing some of the administrative processing of your repeat prescriptions in advance of when you would normally order them so you may see the dates on your repeat prescription slip saying last issued in June or July – don’t worry this is us working in to the future! Please collect you prescription on or around the time of the month as you normally would.

If you are unable to collect your repeat prescription please liaise with your local parish council who will be able to help you with this.

Thank you to the local volunteers who have been collecting and distributing prescriptions on behalf of our patients.

Routine appointments

Please do not wait to contact us if you feel you need support and advice. Our team are still on duty to help you. All of our appointments are telephone triaged in the first instance before an appointment or video consultation is arranged. Please do not worry if you do not have access to the internet or a smart device – we will work with you to deliver the care you need.

Referrals to secondary care

We continue to refer patients to specialist services in secondary care. Hospitals continue to see patients in out-patient clinics sometimes using similar methods to the practice such as video consultation and email. If you have any queries related to a cancelled or deferred hospital appointment please liaise with the hospital directly. Please be aware that there could be a wait longer than normal to be seen in an out-patient clinic.

Pregnant women

We continue to see ladies for their ante-natal checks at the practice for routine check-ups. Please liaise with your midwife if you have any pregnancy related questions or concerns. Due to the measures we have in place, we can only allow the person who has the appointment in to the practice.

Smear appointments

We are continuing to provide appointments for women to attend their cervical smear screening. Please contact us to make an appointment if you are due or overdue your screening test.

Childhood Immunisations

The routine vaccinations that children receive in their early years will continue to be provided by the practice. You will receive your appointment via letter from Bridge Park Plaza who co-ordinate these appointments. If you are unable to attend a booked appointment please contact the practice to       re-arrange this. We ask where possible that only 1 parent and the child that needs their vaccinations attend this appointment please.


This is a piece of software used at the practice that we have started to use to enhance our communications with you whilst we reduce the footfall in to the practice. This is used via the practice’s clinical system to your mobile phone using a text message conversation or video consultation. This enables you to converse with a member of the clinical team and for clinical information be saved to your medical record. This is a NHS England approved tool, having undertaken rigorous information governance scrutiny and compliance for practices to use.

We may also ask you to complete some questions via text link to complete such as an asthma review or COVID19 screening. We are also able to send you useful links such as managing diarrhoea and vomiting symptoms at home.


This is an App that can be used by patients as an alternative to accessing their online account via the practice website. This app replaces the previous TPP SystmOnline app that some of you may have used. Please accept our apologies for any confusion regarding our previous communications on this available service. We promise it is not a scam but a secure mechanism to access your medical records, order repeat prescriptions or book a telephone triage appointment! Further information can be found here:

Scrubs and PPE supplies

We received an overwhelming response from the local community following our social media plea for supplies of scrubs. We are truly grateful to those that have helped us – thank you!

Official guidance and information

It is important to make sure we are all receiving the correct information during this difficult time, we recommend that you use the official government websites for advice and support for all COVID-19 related issued.

 From all of us at Uppingham Surgery, thank you for your continued support in these remarkable times.